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It's a long time that we live.

Some things may hurt it. But also memories of the those may heal back.

Good work but without music?

Nelson responds:

here's a version with music http://www.catsuka.com/nolife/video/emission_35 decided to keep it out though

Gr8 Job!

I really liked it.I'll w8 4 3th part :)

Holly shit

That's great.Donkey ownz XD

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Holy Mother of God ! This is the The Bester Game Ever Made ! Only thing i'll say is that; This games level of awesomeness is Over Nine Thousaaannd !!

Sorry to say, this game didn't satify me in terms of both gameplay and story telling. I wouldn't really care of gameplaying but the story was also very weak and that made me feel bored as i finished game. My one star goes to ambiance and music.

A better way of telling the story is needed (for example story/love related toughts of character could be writen on tope while riding bike) ;)

What is this about ?

Well i am puzzled by the story of game but i felt like playing the messiah or something ( since there are many cross figures and god-like characters ) Yet you have succesfully paralyzed my mind :D Could anyone tell me about the main story line ? I dont get about killing girl and crying, killing god/woman at end, The point where monks and women with knives die ( i think this point might me a start of a new era from a religious to civic one ) what is the heart about ? Do Jesus pay the price of the errors of god ?Or is all about something else ?

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Lovely !

I listened it from the flash game Munulis, it was a great combination and this song is truly lovely. I normally don't like clarinet a lot but this composition is very very nice ! Thank you !


Nice ! Again :D

Your works are always good, so i don't have to say much. I'd like to compose like you someday, or maybe better :P

MarkySpark responds:

Well, anyone can do it as good.

Very good !

It's very creative to make music from pringles tube, or that kind of junk stuff :D

It is nice to dance by the way :D

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The agression of people without ability to help themselves in bad situation, turns into a dangereous thread both for themselves and oher people.

I saw it!

This is the monster of civilization! The monster of empires! Good work :)

Butzbo responds:

woah, that sounds very inspiring!


Man you must be a psycho!You got very wierd drawings.Well thats something good to be diffrent ;)

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